The easy way to Cheat The Sims 3 on the Playstation 3

How do I use the sims cheat in freeplay PlayStation3? Upon attainment of finished making your sims, then simply press start button then press R2, L2, R1, LI simultaneously. Then press yes.
It sits there on build & buy > buy > decor > miscellaneous decor. This is all free. Put everything in your House or terrace is up to you. If you want to save, after the game finished back to press X on his llama and click put Inventory.

1. Cheat in postbox
While the game is running (not in a State of buy and build power, karma, and landsculpting) press the L2 detained do not get disconnected, hover over the mailbox or mailbox, and press the X button. There are many options there, but cheat the most I suggest is make needs static because if you use the cheat, then Your sims needs will direct full not diminished at all. Such as meals, toilets, etc.

2. The Sims do not grow older
Do I press start and select options, then uncheck the Enable Aging on the checklist. With the baby steps of your sims and grandparents on Your sims family will not grow alias will remain as it is.

3. Neighbor sims are not lost
So your neighbor doesn’t suddenly disappear and keep Your friendship with like sims. Press the start button then options, then uncheck the Enable checkbox ctanda story Progression. Successful, then your neighbors will remain there forever and will not be moved to another place.

4. Go home together with friends and family in the car 1
This step is performed if you go to the beach, supermarket, or anywhere you want to go home and play along with his family and new friends, then open the map and then navigate and select next to your home, press box and then choose the terrace or his photos page to your home by using the X button, then choose the person who will be home together in one car moreĀ sims freeplay cheats

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