How to and tips Clash Royale win hack online

Clash royale For those who have just downloaded it and fight to win, we have some tips that can help. Beginners can fight enemies stronger with tips from us, in order to obtain lucrative arena on desire

Building Decks-select the card you want to use for the battle buddy

The first way.

1. Tip the first one, set the order of a deck of cards and was also attacked. Deck consists of cards should also air raids, land and Spell or remotely. Keep please do not forget to prepare cards survive as the anticipation if suddenly attacked opponents.

2. If the arrangement of deck is already correct, now stand up and be patient. Let your opponent attacked first, purpose is to make the Tower protected from their attacks. If surviving can already, now you have the opportunity to take the offensive.

3. How to win the main Clash Royale last is a matter of the number of cards, strive to use two cards while attacking. Because, this will make it easier for Smartphone to attack at once so opposed to his attention will be split. Try to use the card you can combine like the image below.
clash royale win

Upgrade your card by using gold Clash royale win.

1. You may use your card to upgrade to Gold with as good as possible, because the greater the level of cards it will be more powerful and invincible. And to get the gold you can use many ways such as by way of donating cards.

2. Upgrade All Your Flagship Card

next surefire way to ensure that you always win, that you upgrade all your flagship card you use for with your card upgrade will increase the strength of the card of 10%. And his tips is you have to upgrade the cards evenly especially that often you use to crush your opponents.

3. use the elixir to the maximum.

In using the elixir you should pay attention to your opponent’s movements, for example if your opponent uses 20 elixir then you have to hold the number of elixir and less than the opponents use.
So that later you still have a lot of elixir ultimate kick and made the final moments of the game. In doing so you are intelligent in choosing situations of offense and defense so that you will be victorious in the duel clash royale.

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