The Legendary Clash Royale Glitch Hack arrival Graveyard

The more cards that enliven the Legendary Clash Royale. After the previous game is the coming Inferno Dragon, now Clash Royale arrival Graveyard. Like the legendary cards are “terrible” on this one? Let’s Peel thoroughly!

How to use the graveyard clash royale Glitch

The graveyard is a Legendary Clash Royale cards  you can find starting from 5 upwards. Of course, due to the rarity of this card tingka is Legendary, it will be quite difficult to get this card. Well, as can be you guys above, this type of spell cards and will issue a maximum of 20 Skeleton.

clash royale glitch

The position!

This will issue a Legendary spell Skeleton randomly. The key to the use of the Graveyard is his position. If you use these cards too close to the King’s Tower, then there will be a Skeleton that came out and attacked the King’s Tower. If that occurs, then the King will lay out Tower his cannon and it’ll give you a loss. Well, to overcome this, you must drop the Graveyard as far as possible from the King’s Tower.

Suitable For Elixir Counter Collector

If the enemy uses Elixir Collector, then you could use it as a card counter. The problem is — as mentioned — position. If the enemy put Elixir Collector behind the Tower, then you can use this legendary card to counter him. However, if the Elixir Collector placed in front of the Tower, it is better for you to ignored it.

Need Support

Although these cards are the cards spell, but you need support in order to be able to give great damage on the enemy Tower. Support suitable for this card is Zap — because it could give the damage and stop the movement of the Tower as well as enemy units. In addition to Zap, this card also fits perfectly combined with a Freeze. This card is also suitable for combined with the tanker units such as Giant, Giant Skeleton, Golem, etc.

Graveyard + Miner!

One of the most deadly combination of this Legendary card was his combination with Miner. By issuing a Miner in advance, you can give the tanker on the Skeleton to give great damage on the enemy tower.

Not Suitable For Defense

Because of his spawn time quite long, this card is not suitable for Defense — especially if your enemies using a unit with high speed movement. To solve it, you need to buildings such as the Inferno Tower or Canon to divert enemy units until finally issued his Skeletons Graveyard.

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