How Do I Approve My Tribemates Posts?

approved posts in triberrThere always seems to be some confusion about the correct way to do this, so I’m thinking this is a good one to have over here. This would be a helpful post to send to anyone who is new to Triberr.

First, you will need to go to your Tribal Stream. This is found by clicking on Home on the blue navigation bar.

Triberr Stream Homebar

Once you do that, you should be looking at something similar to this:

Triberr Tribal Stream

A post that has not been approved will look like this:

Triberr Unapproved Post

As you can see the button has a green square with a lot of white space surrounding it. This indicates that it has not yet been approved. You just need to hover over that button and it will turn ALL green indicating that it has been “approved”. This does NOT mean it has actually gone out. Only that it will be going out. It has now moved to your approved stream. Triberr will send it out at intervals and you will never need to worry about that post again.

Here is what an approved Triberr post looks like:

Triberr approved post

That’s really all there is to it. Now, Triberr will send those tweets out at intervals that you have selected. If you have never selected the intervals, then the standard setting is 20 minutes.

You’re all done.

But let’s say you want to be nice to your tribemate and share the post further.

On the bottom, there are more sharing options. They are under ‘manually share’. Go ahead and click that and you will see more options appear to share.

Triberr Share Buttons for Tribal Stream

Now you can see you can stumble the post, like it or +1 it, or share it on linked in. There is also an additional tweet option here. If you have already clicked approve on the post, you should not tweet it again with that button, it will cancel out the approval. So ignore that unless you really want to send the post out right that very moment – it is immediate. So figure if you were doing this with every post you were approving … your twitter stream would blow up all at once and spam all your followers. Just hover over the share like I showed you above and let Triberr do the work… this is far more pleasing to your followers.

You’re all done.

Hover over share and turn it solid green and you’re good to go. Do this with each post and you’ll keep your twitter feed active.

NOTE: There is NEVER any reason to use the HIDE button that is beside the manually share button.  If you decide to use that, you are stating that you are not going to ever share that post. It is a delete button and once you’ve clicked it, the post is gone FOREVER. You do not need to use it for ANY reason unless you are not going to share your tribemates post at all. Triberr will remove the post once it is shared so it will go away on it’s own.

Please let us know if there is something you’d like to be shown how to do.


  1. says

    Hi there,

    I’ve just subscribed to Triberr and I think I’ve set everything up just fine, the only thing I find weird is that my own posts are showing up in my home stream and I can approve them as well.
    Is this normal?

    • says

      Hi Sofie, So glad you got everything set up fine.
      It is perfectly normal to have your own posts going. Typically we are sharing our own posts on social media, so having them in your stream allows you to choose when you send your own posts through. Hope that helps, and welcome to Triberr.

      • says

        Got it, thanks!
        I use Houtsuite to schedule my own posts, so won’t be needing to send them through Triberr


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