How To Get The Ice Golem Clash Royale Cards

Update Clash Royale back again. After our previous to the arrival of the new Legendary cards, we now the arrival of the single card rare new: Ice Golem. As to whether this card? Let’s Peel thoroughly!

How To Get The Ice Golem Clash Royale Glitch Cards

Suitable As A Tanker

As you guys can see above, this card has a Rare rarity and can be found in the Arena 8 Frozen Peak. Ice Golem has a large enough Hitpoints making it suitable for tankers, but have hit speed and movement speed is slow. However, this card has a very low cost elixir: 2!

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Explode When Dead

Almost similar to a Golem, Ice Golem will explode when dead. The Flash itself is called Frost Nova. The explosion will reduce the movement speed of enemy units by as much as 35% for 3 seconds — just as the ice wizard. Oh, and this will give Frost Nova damage on ground and air units, lho! So, although damage from Frost Nova is very weak because even the Skeleton did not die exposed to the flash point.

A Major Role Is As Bait

Because movement speed and attack speed of his slow, the primary role of the Ice Golem was not to give damage on your opponent’s tower. Otherwise, this unit is very effective if used as bait — especially on a Mini Mega and Pekka Minion, and even Sparky! You can also use this card to divert the Mortar.

Not Suitable For Attack, Except
Because movement speed and attack speed slow him — not to mention his main target is building like a Hog Riders these cards are not very suitable for the attack. However, if you have a fairly good support for Ice Golem, then these cards can be very deadly. Some of the support that can be used in conjunction with this card include: Hog Riders, Prince and the Dark Prince.

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